Have you the habit to talk in codes?
Do you like to explain your logic's through coding?
Then ABHIYANTRAN’s Codex is the best place for you to be!!
The stage is ready, it is the perfect time to show your expertise through the codes.

Organizer : Vedant Jha
+91 9083224102

Circuit Debugging

Ever been bugged lately and tried to solve it?? Here is your chance to do so! Crack your technical brain to unravel the mystery behind the bugs of the circuit.

Organizer : Vishwapriya Gautam
+91 9735705789
Organizer :Reyaz Ahmad
+91 8016127010

Oscilloscope Drawing

In Oscilloscope Drawing, participants will be given to make different figures on the screen of Oscilloscope.

Organizer :C.V.SUDHEER
+91 9959930531


In Blackbox we will be given an input and output the participants need to make the circuit regarding the transformation of the same.

Organizer : Vishwapriya Gautam
+91 9735705789
Organizer : Reyaz Ahmad
+91 8016127010

Scratch your brain

it takes more than muscles, more than practice, more than sheer determination to get to the top It takes the mind of a champion.

Organizer :Mangalam gupta
+91 7550851438
Organizer :Rudra Prakash
+91 9732379235

Call Of Duty 4 -Modern Warfare 1

It is a intense first person shooter video game which will be played in multiplayer mode.

Organizer : Aquil
+91 7872668576

NFS Most Wanted

It is a multiplayer graphic intense racing game for PC. So let your car-ma speak for you.

Organizer :Shivendra Saxena
+91 7031697009


Just-A-Minute is all about the control of the mind over the mouth. Can you make it through sixty seconds of non-stop talking without hesitation, repetition, or deviation?

Organizer : C.V.SUDHEER
+91 9959930531
Organizer : CHAHAT

The Ultimate Manager

Confidence doesn’t come when you have all the answers.... it comes when you are ready to face all the questions.

Organizer : Prakash Kumar
+91 8945824516

Mini Militia

A intense multiplayer combat, shooting game with a local wifi.

Organizer :Amit kumar
+91 9083452966
Organizer :Prabhat kumar
+91 7547970811

Technical Quiz

Quiz It Out

Organizer : Vikash Kumar
+91 7076222191
Organizer :Vishwapriya Gautam
+91 9735705789
Organizer :Rudra Prakash
+91 9732379235

Treasure Hunt

If you’re a person who loves solving riddles, if the word “adventure” makes adrenaline rush through your body, treasure hunt is what might catch your fancy.

Organizer : Rudra Prakash
+91 9732379235
Organizer : Nikhil Vihan
+91 8954857663
+91 8697158649

Memory Challenge

Are you indeed the Master of your mind?

Organizer : Prachi Agnihotri
+91 9956135799


This category is for 2D & 3D CAD drawings. You can enter a multi-view drawing. This is a display of the ability to create technical drawings, not their design ability.

Organizer : Narendra Balmiki
+91 8906158502
Organizer :Sumit Kumar
+91 8158990831

Hydraulic Arm

Presenting HYDRAULIC ARM, a mechanism which cleans a dump yard without the use of conventional sources, to reduce the pollution and help making our environment green.

+91 9563150134
+91 9732383556

Line follower

Follow the line

Organizer :Shivani Spriha
+91 9431220523
Organizer :Sarita Gupta
+91 8436198784


Right from the beginning of civilisation, Bridges have been an important aspect of transportation. A civil Engineer must have ability of critical thinking, solving different problems, working in a team and finding innovative solutions to day to day problems.

Organizer :RAHUL KUMAR
+91 7076194166 Organizer :SHIVANI
+91 94312120523


Here we are back again eith our most creative event of Abhiyantran named BEST OF WASTE. Give your BEST to SHAPE a WASTE.

Organizer :Chahat Bansal
+91 9083454897
Organizer :Yadav Abhishek
+91 9563431626
Organizer :Vaibhav Somvanshi
+91 7408176226


If you think you can impress and entertain others in your own funny ways, then it’s time for you to come to limelight.You just have to make your own unique and best dubsmash video and inbox it to our official facebook page.

Organizer :Mangalam Gupta
+91 7550851438
Organizer :Satyam Raj
+91 7547968566

Parliamentary Debate

An audience-centered form of two-person debate

Organizer :Santanu
+91 9956135799
Organizer :Antra Pramanik
+91 8691758649
Organizer :Arijit Mandal
+91 9038431016