Inauguration ceremony of "ABHIYANTRAN 2k16" is rescheduled on 16 September 2016 due to some unavoidable circumstances


An event in abhiyantran 2k16 can be described as a public assembly for the purpose of celebration, education, marketing or reunion. Many events are classified on the basis of their size, type and context in Abhyantran 2K16.

Talks & Seminars

As a college student, you certainly don't want to sit through another boring lecture. Don't worry. Abhiyantran 2K16 talks are anything but not boring.


Abhiyantran 2k16 offers a variety of technology workshops as an excellent way to broaden your knowledge. Workshops is the hope that Abhiyantran 2k16 will help to make students more fully aware of the opportunities available and accessible to them.

About Abhiyantran

It was the first chapter of the great initiative .It was our honour to have the presence of eminent personalities like Prof.Chris Phillips, Prof.Gautam Biswas here at our tech fest.

The second chapter was very proud to honour eminent personalities like Dr.a.s.kiran kumar, Mrs.deepa mallik , Dr.A.l.v.Kumar Reddy.many workshops on ethical hacking ,tall building structures.

This year the third chapter is ready again with many comprehensive talks from renowned personalities and workshops on Seismic design of Buildings, Internal Combustion Engines, Internet of Things ,Ethical Hacking are being held during the three day long fest.